A hectic & worthless moving post

I’ve been trying to write something sensible for quite a while. Can’t come up with anything, so instead I’ll just post what I’ve got…

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A pile of neatly folded clothing is covering most of my bed. In the last seven years I’ve seen this sight way too many times. Each time I’m trying to give away more stuff. For years I haven’t been buying anything, maybe with the exception of my beloved, super warm downie. This time I promised myself (again!) to choose just the few items that are absolutely essential, and get rid of all the rest. Do I really need two hoodies? Three summer dresses, that I will most likely not wear more than once a year each? A little pile of fancy cardigans is a reminder of my short lived City career. Mum bought them for me, and let’s face it, I will probably never buy anything this nice myself. I can’t bring myself to give them away.

Most of my possessions can be now fitted into two suitcases. But then there’s the ‘random stuff’, little box with earrings, big box of documents and receipts, a bamboo buddha from Yunnan that comes with me every time I go away for more than a month, a bagful of cables, chargers and batteries. Plus the books. My god, what to do with the books. (It’s always the same question. I now have a kindle, but what to do with the existing books??)

So, yes, I’m moving house again. It was so much easier when I had a base for all my stuff at my mum’s. Moving to China for six months felt like going on holiday. Just pack some basic stuff, and go. Now everything I own has to go with me.

Just a couple of months after I learned to love the grit, I have to leave the beautiful Peak District behind. It feels quite sad.


The marketing job I was working since leaving uni had to come to an end. I had no love for it left and I felt like I learned everything there was to learn. I wanted a similar arrangement, freelancing part-time with another agency, but this time hopefully for outdoor industry clients. And then I saw an ad for an EpicTV job. I applied, and I got it.

The down-side is that I’m not part-time anymore. The unbelievable plus-side is that my work revolves solely around climbing. The office is in Chamonix.

So, from Sheff to Cham, I have to pack everything once again, get my driving licence sorted, move to France and buy my first car. Learn a new job, meet new people, climb new rock.

Maybe I’m getting older, or maybe Sheff is just a really good place, but for the first time I want to stay almost as much as I want to go. The curiosity still wins, so France, I’m coming for you! But first, I need to do something with that ridiculous pile of clothing covering my bed. And the books. What the hell do I do with the books.

* * *

PS. Everything is sorted. Books stayed with Martin and Kate (thank you!) I’ve got a driving licence. I don’t have a car. Flying to Chamonix tomorrow.

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