Fairlop Waters Bouldering

Waking up on a Sunday morning and getting to know that the temperature will be in the high twenties is great… as long as you can go climbing. I know, I know, all you grit terrorisers shaking your heads thinking about friction, but I actually do like climbing in the heat, alright? And gym just doesn’t do on a beautiful summer day. Sadly, one odd day of sunshine is often not enough to go to the Peak without planning, especially for a non-driver like me. Nine artificial boulders located in Fairlop Water Country Park in Redbridge are the answer! Problems listed in the official booklet are easy, the boulders are quite low, and in general it’s not Magic Wood, but hey, it’s near, it’s free, and it’s outdoor! And with a boating lake nearby, it’s even quite picturesque. Sometimes it’s just enough to make one happy.

  • Where: Forest Rd., IG6 3HN, Essex
  • How to get there: Central line to Fairlop (zone 4) and 15min walk
  • What to take: Water and food! There are no shops around. No need for pads as long as you’re not coming up with some crazy eliminates on the biggest overhang
  • The fake rock is quite rough so if you’re running thin on skin, Fairlop is not your dream destination for the day.
  • Download the topo here
photo by Victoria Henry. thank you! x
photo by Victoria Henry. thank you! x
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