The new blogging resolution

It’s good to take a break sometimes.



Like a long break from blogging. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with this website and writing for work was sucking out all my energy. Too much time in the office and not enough time for dreaming left me grumpy and uninspired. A trip to Rodellar was a nice holiday but I disappointed myself with some really poor climbing. I think I was expecting too much.

Time off was what I needed. No pressure, no agenda. I started doing more yoga and started training like crazy, without thinking about grades. It might be shallow, and selfish, and vain, but I just love progressing and can’t stand being stuck in one place, even if it matters only to one person: me. I’ve been stuck with my climbing for a long time now. The decision to kick off with more structured training was the best thing I did in a while. I forgot about the grades and reminded myself how great it is to simply exercise. Guess what, fun is possible without being on the rock all the time! Thank God because, well, no, I can’t be on the rock all the time… It was a rather viscous circle: missing the outdoors and disappointing confrontations with a complete lack of fitness when I actually got to climb on the rock.

Finding balance and fulfillment is one hell of a tricky task, no matter how much we have and how lucky we are. (Pardon this little bit of cheesy spirituality, but that’s true, no?)

Now finally I’m psyched and, hell, I’m inspired! The plan is to do the things I love and not to worry about money, career, and all the serious stuff that is very likely to bite me on the bum some time in the near future. If the classic definition of an adventure is a risky endeavor with an uncertain outcome, then this really feels like a beginning of a great adventure. And I want to share it with you, so I will be blogging fiercely and often.  (Or, as often as possible in the scarce free time between my new punishing training regime, trying to make a living, and trying to write that bloody novel of mine that one day will earn me a fat literary prize.)

The break is over. It’s time to act!




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1 thought on “The new blogging resolution

  1. I can definitely appreciate the importance of a break. Well done for doing it when you realised you need it!! And even better for coming back stronger 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more on the new blog!

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