Just a small bunch of my favourite climbs caught mostly on my phone’s camera. For a full log of my humble sends, click here.

“Sweet Potato” (7B), Rocklands

Sweet Potato 7B | Rocklands

Rocklands skyes.

Posted by Zofia Reych on Sunday, July 9, 2017

“Minisex” (7C), Magic Wood

Minisex Roof 7C (Magic Wood 2016)

Oh how I loved it! More projects now 🙂

Posted by Zofia Reych on Sunday, July 17, 2016

“Magic Bus” (7B+), Fontainebleau

Magic Bus 7B+ | Fontainebleau

A nice souvenir of a sunny day in Buthiers!

Posted by Zofia Reych on Saturday, April 8, 2017

“Morgen Latte” (7B), Magic Wood

Magic Wood | Morgenlatte 7B

Another episode of wonky camera work! Climbing this little piece of rock is quite a big deal to me. I first saw it nearly a year ago with the super strong Veronika Volkova battling the heat and grease on it. It looked hard but it also looked like my kind of climbing. One evening, with nobody around, I decided to check out the moves. Man, were they brutal! I could just about do one… Fast forward 11 months, I had just waited two weeks for ‘Morgenlatte’ to dry and managed to get it done in half an hour. I know from my German speaking friends that the truth is not as pretty, but to me the name of this pebble evokes images of a glass of coffee with beautiful, frothy milk. Countless times I thought about climbing it and making it as nice and easy as a cup of lovely coffee on a sunny morning; a perfect way to start a day. Funny how projects grow to fairy tale like things in our heads. And now it’s done! Just like a lovely, laid back cuppa on a sunny morning.

Posted by Zof A. Re on Thursday, June 23, 2016

“Chaman” (7C), Fontainebleau

"Chaman" (7C) | Fontainebleau

This one was a little bit of a surprise! We figured out the beta in one session, going from "this is impossible" to "this can happen" in about 4 hours. The day after my core hurt so much, I couldn't even laugh! In the second sesh Dylan found some adjustments (beta master!) but despite Daisy's best attempts at helping me remember what to do, I kept messing it up (that's when we took the video). And then in our third session, boom! Sent. Once again, it all came together after I'd given up. I was about to pack the mats with tears of frustration and anger well pouring down my face (I get quite intense when I'm projecting, can't help it!) But I jumped back on… four or five times in a row, messing up every move, shaking, gasping, swearing. In a desperate attempt to make sure I gave it everything I had – and to let some of that frustration out – I knew at that stage it was impossible to stitch it together. And yet. Flow. The bizarre, elusive, unintelligible state kicks in and takes over your body. An experience so intense it's unforgettable. It's pretty shocking that you can work yourself up to that stage by just repeatedly throwing yourself at a small piece of rock! I did some reading a few years ago and there's some decent literature on flow. It's not the first time I've experienced it (third!) but now the memory of it so fresh, I'm doing some writing myself. Will hit you up with a blog post as soon as its ready 🙂

Posted by Zofia Reych on Monday, May 15, 2017

“La Mouche” (7B+), Fontainebleau

La Mouche 7B+ | Fontainebleau

That little bright dot is a full moon. In its light, the rock looks like the surface of the moon as well! 😍
Dylan climbed to the top first, while I was getting increasingly frustrated despite the moral support from Daisy who didn’t get pizza or wine, but was increasingly worried that we might end up face to face with wild boar on the way back. Then I also sent, and Daisy got to see her boar, or in fact 3 of them plus about 10 deer. Luckily, by then we were in the car. Definitely a good night out! Thanks guys <3

The climb is my beloved “La Mouche” (7B+) by Jean-Pierre Bouvier known locally as La Mouche, or Fly.

Posted by Zofia Reych on Wednesday, 12 April 2017